Funny Apps

Funny humor comes in all forms,

and it’s not just for stand-up comedians. Ventriloquists use dolls, magicians use rabbits, hypnotists use people. . . you get the picture. So how about looking for the funny outside of just plan jokes. Years ago, when I sold a lot of topical (day-to-day news) jokes to radio and TV, I always had leftover jokes. . . I thought they were funny, but apparently the buyers didn’t.

Not to be one to waste a joke,

I came up with the brilliant idea of Cat Comedian! Yes, my cat, Rockette would tell these jokes. Then if people didn’t think they were funny, it wouldn’t reflect badly on my comedy career.


Cat Comedian didn’t really

take off due to my crazy schedule and the fact that video and audio editing software were nowhere near as easy as it is today. I just didn’t have the time. BUT there are now apps that can help with this. Here are a few funny apps that I’ve started using that can help put humor into whatever you want to make funnier.

  • Ripl . . .combines your pictures with music and text . . .take some funny pictures and make a funny video.
  • My Talking Pet . . . great app that makes your pet, or pretty much anything you want, talk!
  • Word Swag . . . makes fun pictures and posters with words . . .great for FB posting and other social media.

I’d love to hear the apps that you use to add humor!

Take care,

Jan – my funny site for health care

Comedy Writing Gigs Part 8

Comedy writing is possible –

I’ve shown you how to find comedy writing clients and what you need to show them so they’ll hire you. But can you make a living off freelance comedy writing? Yes. . .and no. Or maybe no. . then yes. This is one of those careers that starts slow . . . you need to do it a lot and get to the point where people know about you and come to you when they need some jokes.

What do they pay?

For freelance jokes, I’ve been paid anywhere from $5 to over $200 per joke, not including the free stuff, but $5 is almost free. The best paying are late night TV and, believe it or not, greeting cards. But as I mentioned, those are the hardest to get into and the hardest jokes to write. . .plus there’s lots of competition. And we’re talking about freelance jokes. . .not getting on the paid staff of a show. That pays a lot more and you can make a great living on that.

3 main ways to charge for jokes . . .

humor writing fast

write humor fast with these quick tips

  1. By the joke, which is what I do. I take a non-refundable deposit, so I get something, and then I apply it to any jokes they buy. They usually buy more than the deposit, so it works out. I like this method because it assures the client that they’re getting some jokes they like. If you want a sample of my “joke writing rules,” just email me and I’ll send it to you –

I include things like

“you have to pay before you use it.” Comedy can be tough. . . and if you don’t say it right, like you miss a word or something, OR if there’s some other factor (lunch being served) that distracts from the show, then the joke may not hit. I can’t be held accountable for that. . .so pay before you use. If they think it’s funny and I think it’s funny, then it’s probably funny. I do try to avoid telling them how many jokes I’ll give them for their review. . .because this is a creative process, so it’s kind of hard to say just how many my brain will come up with.

2. By the hour.

Some of my friends charge for the hours that they spend writing. . .and they give the client everything that they’ve written. This is also a great idea, because sometimes you write stuff that you don’t think is funny, but someone else does. . .or they know how to make it funny. So giving them everything that comes out of your head might be good. One caution. . . make sure you put the stuff you think is funniest at the beginning. . .so they laugh right off the top. If you put random stuff at the top, and it’s not the funniest, they may form a bad opinion of your material before they get to the funny stuff.

3. By the page.

And I do know comedians who charge by the page, and tell the client they’ll give the X number of pages of material. This is basically doing it by the hour and giving them everything you’ve written. . .but if it’s a tough topic, you may get yourself in a bind by promising 2 pages of material, and in reality you are straining to come up with 1. So be careful with this one.

But you can make a living,

or at least a great 2nd income by freelance joke writing if you work it really hard and keep on top of things. . . and it may take a while, but once you get some clients under your belt, and you get more and more known, then it gets easier to make the money.

I do have a book Click Here  if you want more tips. Also, email me for the list of what I tell my joke clients.

That’s it. . happy joke writing!



Comedy Writing Gigs Part 7

I posted this weeks ago and it didn’t post. . so here you go!

And now for some more ways to find writing gigs,

and while I can’t help you get on a TV staff for a sitcom, I can give you some ideas for other places to find these writing gigs.

Calling people.

Yes, sometimes you need to pick up the phone – but make it quick! Call, or if you have to then send an email, to the group directly. I’m telling you, calling works for all sorts of things. . .go to the greeting card companies directly, contact the author of cartoon strips, contact people in charge of awards shows, contact companies that might need humor. And while I’ve never needed to call people re: joke writing, I have called thousands of people regarding booking me as a keynote speaker at their convention. The trick is, do not, and I repeat, do not try to sell your services over the phone in a cold call. No one likes getting interrupted for a sales call. What they don’t mind getting interrupted for is if you are wanting quick information.

So, make the call last under

45 seconds. . .just ask them something like. . . “how do I submit comedy material to your organization/cartoon strip/whatever. Even if you think you know what they’re going to say (“send me an email’), what you’re really trying to do is make a quick connection with them, so that maybe they’ll actually read your email. And of course, know something about them and/or their company and be ready if they actually want to chat. . .they won’t, but ya never know. Don’t be afraid to contact famous comedians either. . . if they’re on TV a lot, they are chewing up material. You won’t reach the actual comedian, but if your pitch is personal and sincere, then they will get your message.

Which brings me to. . .

network with people. I mentioned the National Speakers Association. They have a national conference in July – check it out! This is where hundreds of professional speakers get together to learn their trade. You can go to it to network and/or maybe even offer up a seminar on comedy writing. And each state and local chapter has meetings too! Go to their monthly meetings and network, and again, maybe speak at it. I also mentioned networking at comedy clubs. . . do that!

Do a lot of writing so people

notice you. The more I write, the more I get noticed and asked to write more. There are a gazillion places that you can post articles on the web. . .research a few and post an article on comedy writing. There are also writing competitions – research those and get noticed. I think Warner Brothers had something like that. . .but I’m sure there are many others.

And contact

magazine for some of the associations I mentioned. You can do a piece on humor writing and get noticed by all the people who read that magazine. . . make sure it’s funny and you get to include your contact info. They might even pay you for that!

In the next and last installment. . . money issues!

Have a great weekend!


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