Hidden Humor

Bette Davis had funny advice when a reporter asked her what for advice to actors in LA. She said Take Fountain. People thought it was some secret code, but actually she meant to literally Take Fountain. Fountain is a street that runs parallel to Hollywood Blvd. By taking Fountain, you’d miss traffic and make it to your audition on time.

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Comedian Stories Podcast

If you haven’t listened to my podcast, titled “Comedian Stories – Tales From the Road in Under 5 Minutes,” then please click on this link and listen in! I’ve been doing it for 19 months and it’s going GREAT! I kick off with a joke from my live comedy show, then I tell a quick short story from the road, and I end with a take-away tip of what I learned from the story. Below are some quotes from listeners. Click here to listen:


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5 Great Office Skills We Picked up by Working From Home

Working from home has given us some GREAT skills that we can use back in the office! Here’s a quick infograph and top list of some of those skills. Let me know if you agree! Hope you’re all doing well during the virus. . . get some writing projects done!

5 GREAT Office Skills We picked up by Working At Home

Recording Jokes

I'm finally using technology for comedy. . .sort of! I got the new-to-me iPhone 5 (with Siri of course) and there's a neat-o recording app that allows me to record comments. I know there's been other recording devices, and this really isn't a huge writing...

Using Your Ears For Comedy

One of the best research techniques I know of to find humor is to LISTEN. Because most people are so busy talking that they don't listen to what's going on around them! Here's how I found humor just by listening this past week.   The speaker ahead of...

A Rule Of Humor Marketing

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve written in this blog. .  I’ve been on the road with my comedy shows and humor keynotes running crazy – guess the humor marketing is working! I was last talking about using humor in your marketing by tying it to a funny...